What about the quality management system in Kindeal Paper?
Taizhou Kindeal Paper Co., Ltd. has a complete quality management system that has been in use for decades. The quality management process is concentrated on incoming, semi-finished and finished products. Especially for finished products, their performance, service life, etc. are inspected before being sent. We will continue to strengthen quality management and reduce rejection rates.

TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD. primarily focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing bamboo cup. According to the material, Kindeal Paper's products are divided into several categories, and PLA coated paper is one of them. Kindeal Paper poly coated paper is manufactured by using the highest quality fabrics that are maximally resistant to sun, water, and mechanical damage. It is 100% biodegradable, causing no pollution to the environment. This product is safe enough. Made of hypoallergenic fabrics, it does not contain any form of pollutants or chemicals that are not skin-friendly. It hasn't processed by toxic bleach agents.

For the benefit of Kindeal Paper and its customers, TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD. shall act decisively in food pack field. Ask online!
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