uk lacks capacity to deal with biodegradable coffee cups, say industry leaders

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-04
The lack of adequate waste management infrastructure in the UK means that the biodegradable Cup will not be fully disposed of, according to industry leaders.
Although biodegradable coffee cups offer a more sustainable alternative to plastic
Most of the major coffee chains use lined coffee, and they also need professional management facilities to handle the coffee properly.
\"This is a problem because at present there is no great ability to manufacture or deal with biodegradable cups,\" said ChrisStemman, executive director of the British Coffee Association.
He said some smaller coffee retailers are turning to compostable cups to solve the problem of waste of disposable coffee cups.
However, according to MrStemman, most biodegradable coffee cups are likely to be landfill for the time being.
The independent movement launched it after the government dealt with the problem of one-time use of coffee cups in the UK.
The campaign is promoting the use of reusable cups to replace cups used by major coffee chains.
Stemman said: \"There is a serious place for reusable cups and we will encourage them to use them furthertrip cup”.
The plastic lining on most disposable coffee cups means that they cannot be handled in traditional recycling facilities.
Instead, they can only deal with it at the expert center, only three of them in the UK.
Plastic waste is part of a wider range of problems, and it is well known that plastic waste can accumulate and harm wildlife in the environment.
According to the recent recommendation of the Environmental Audit Committee to the government, in addition to the price of drinks, the introduction of the \"latte tax\" can be used to raise funds to improve the processing facilities of these cups in the UK.
It was suggested that biodegradable coffee cups be used as a substitute for plasticlined versions.
However, they also need professional facilities to deal with these issues properly, and most people will also be landfill without them.
\"Under normal circumstances, paper cups need industrial processing, and usually things that come out of the bins on the street are not needed.
\"There is no separation of waste at this point,\" said Stemman . \".
Biodegradable cups break down faster than plastic
Lined with paper cups, but the process still takes a long time without professional facilities.
Stemmanman advocates increased investment in recycling facilities for recyclable plastics
Coffee cup.
Packable packaging is currently a minority compared to traditional plastic packaging, however, some in the industry suggest that if the industry is developed, it will be able to work with the waste industry, improve compost capacity.
\"The UK infrastructure is still developing and I think it has made a lot of progress, but there is still a long way to go,\" said Xanthe Galanis . \"
Hancox, a biodegradable packaging company.
However, she said there was still an infrastructure available, noting that vegetable products companies produced compostable cups and that their companies provided compost collection services for businesses called \"closed-loop.
\"Since the announcement of the latte tax, we have seen a significant increase in interest as businesses realize that sustainable development is no longer just a good thing --to-
\"Yes, but it\'s critical to please consumers,\" says Eilidh Brunton, a vegetarian group recycling consultant . \".
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