u200bconsumers increasingly becoming concerned with food packaging safety

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-02
A survey of 8,000 people shows that food packaging and safety are one of the important problems facing consumers today.
An independent study by Friends of glass shows that European consumers are increasingly focused on the health risks posed by compounds in food packaging, rather than on environmental issues and international terrorism.
Respondents in 2 out of 3 said they were concerned about food contamination and the loss of chemicals in packaging such as plastic and metal.
At least eight out of 10 consumers believe the chemicals are harmful to human health, and 60% say they are most worried about plastic containers. A FoodBev.
Citing the study, health issues are critical in consumer decision-makingmaking.
It quoted Adeline Farley, secretary-general of the European Federation of Container Glass, as saying, \"it is clear that consumers are concerned about packaging contamination.
Today, consumers focus not only on what is written on the label, but also on how the product is stored and packaged.
Studies have shown that the leakage of chemicals from packaging materials in food is a very realistic problem.
Parents of young children are particularly cautious: 77% of European parents prefer to store baby food with glass, while 61% avoid buying baby food with plastic bottles or other materials.
An article by the European monitoring organization pointed out that American consumers are also moving from metal tank products to more innovative food packaging.
In the Soup industry, for example, young buyers are avoiding the use of cans because they are also considered difficult to open and are large in size, in addition to creating a larger carbon footprint or less --friendly.
Although the above survey has driven the use of glass containers, for soup, the company is now following or has distributed products on the boothup pouches.
The Original Soupman (OTC:SOUP)
It was one of the pioneers of Lile bag soup.
The company has been based on its packaging
From the aesthetic and consumer point of view, stand out in the crowd.
Although the soup in the soup aisle is mainly concentrated and other prepared soup, Shipman is rich and colorful.
The carton full of goods is Mini.
Billboard at grocery store
The material, which is mainly cardboard, is used for food, especially soup, is safe, says lilebao.
It can also be recycled later.
The Le pack carton of Soupman should lock in the flavor and freshness of the restaurant\'s gourmet soup, which is cooked in small batches to ensure quality taste.
Of the company\'s nearly 40 variations of soup, at least 7 are sold in the form of packaged goods through 4,000 supermarkets and Amazon.
The soup is served in the store with lobster soup, chicken noodles, lentils, tomato soup, crab corn soup, chicken soup and \"Song Fei\" classic Jambalaya.
Sopman has long been a popular soup kitchen in New York.
It was later extended to other states and is now further expanded by packaging goods and food truck franchises.
When sitcom Seinfeld used Shipman as inspiration for its episode, it became more popular, and the writer of the show created
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