u.k. urged to slap \"latte levy\" on disposable coffee cups

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-20
British lawmakers have called for a tax on disposable coffee cups sold at retail locations to reduce waste and refuse to send to landfill sites. The U. K.
Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Audit hopes
The \"latte tax\" called 25 p \"(about 33 cents)
Every time a cup of coffee is sold, coffee consumers are encouraged to bring their own reusable cups.
\"Britain threw it away.
5 billion disposable coffee cups per year-
According to CBS News partner network BBC News, this is enough to go around the Earth for five and a half times, \"committee chairman Mary Creech warned.
In order to reduce waste, it is forbidden to use plastic plates, plates and bags in France. \"almost none of them are recycled and there are half a billion garbage per day.
Coffee cup producers and distributors have not taken action to correct the situation, and the government has also sat back.
The coffee shop market in the UK is expanding rapidly, so we need to start a revolution in recycling.
\"Plastic waste from America and Europe fills up the Arctic ecosystem. The government, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, has agreed that more measures need to be taken to reduce the amount of plastic waste discarded in the UK, but, it says, it will wait to see evidence of the effectiveness of such taxes on a single currencyuse packaging.
Trend news live: However, Ali Strock, one of the world\'s largest coffee retailers, won Tony\'s deadly crane collapse trophy hunting documentary.
Starbucks says it will start adding 5 p per cup.
In February, there were Cups in dozens of stores in London.
The trial lasted three months, and Starbucks noted that it had offered customers with their own cups a 25 p discount.
Have predictable opposition to per-\'s idea
People who make such cups in the UK impose a one-time Cup tax.
Mike Turner of the paper cup Alliance told the BBC that paper cups are the safest and most sustainable solution for British people to enjoy drinks on their journey.
\"The paper cups we make in the UK are sustainable sources, produced responsibly, recyclable, and are being recycled through a number of facilities.
\"We are committed to improving the recovery rate,\" he told the BBC . \".
\"Taxing coffee in the morning will not solve the garbage problem, but it will hurt consumers and affect the commercial streets that are already struggling.
\"Tim Fallon, American leaderK.
The Liberal Democratic Party, which has long supported such a cup tax, disagrees.
\"I am pleased that our call to charge for coffee cups is becoming more and more popular,\" he said . \".
\"The evidence is clear that these taxes are valid ---
The 5 p charge for plastic bags has greatly reduced the usage and helped to protect our environment.
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