the italians who prefer to drink american coffee

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In Italy, coffee was synonymous with espresso and was shot down quickly without ceremony.
But a new American.
The stylish coffee shop attracts young Italians.
\"We love it here because we can learn and connect online.
We all like Americans.
We like cakes of different styles, \"said Aurora, 13, and Linda, 14.
Just before lunch time, we were sitting in a 12 oz coffee house. a self-
A stylish American coffee shop near Milan Cathedral.
Italy is considered by many to be the coffee capital of the world.
Wherever you go, you\'ll see a bar with espresso, cappuccino or macchiato, and a traditional briochi coffee.
In these places, you will get a cup of milk if you want a latte.
No need to order espresso;
You just have to say \"un Cafe \".
Coffee and espresso are synonymous in Italy.
But here, the choice of drinks is more exotic, with American, Iced cinnamon latte or caramel macchiato.
Not just drinks.
The counter was filled with donuts, muffins, brownies and bagels.
Alberto, a 32-year-old customer, said it was these differences that attracted him.
\"I like to come here because it is stylish compared to Italian coffee shops and has a young fresh feel.
\"Young Italians like this are beginning to change the traditional Italian coffee culture in Italy.
12 oz coffee Union opened its first store in 2015, and now there are six in Milan and one in Verona soon.
The chain wants to expand into major cities such as Rome and Venice.
But what makes Italian founder David nazarnier want to sell American coffee in his home country?
I have two teenagers.
\"Whenever they go abroad, they always want to post photos on social media with large cups of coffee and whipped cream,\" he said . \".
\"One day I saw a typical woman from Milan with a Louis Vuitton handbag and a large cup of coffee, and she became my muse.
\"If she was walking on the streets of Milan with a large cup of coffee, the time had come.
\"Although not
The coffee shop was widely welcomed when it opened, he said.
\"We don\'t have anger and opposition, but it\'s funny to see the faces of people who come in and don\'t understand the concept.
\"Their reaction to drinking coffee in big paper cups was very interesting --
Many professionals in the market actually feel the need for such a chain.
Jonny Forsyth, a global beverage analyst at Mintel, a market research firm, said traditional coffee shops have not kept up with changing tastes.
\"The coffee shop culture in Italy is so traditional that it is determined to ignore the trend of modern consumption.
\"The taste of coffee is also very rare, although some shops in the north supply coffee with nuts or wontons,\" he said . \".
However, Mintel\'s study found that Italians, especially young Italians, are keen to experiment outside the traditional espresso.
Its research shows that most64%)of 16-24 year-
Old Italian coffee lovers who like to try different flavors of coffee (e. g.
Vanilla, hazelnut)
By contrast, 42% of people aged 55 and over are at home.
Minte also found that more than threequarters of 16-24-year-
People who drink coffee in a typical week like the taste of milk coffee, compared with 60% of ordinary Italian coffee drinkers aged 45 and over.
Take advantage of these changing flavors, not just the 12 oz coffee shop. US-
The fashion chain brand Arnold Coffee opened its first branch in Milan in 2009.
It currently has nine coffee shops in Florence and Rome.
Italian founder Alfio Bardolla says their store allows customers to stay longer and staying on coffee is a highlight for them.
\"The Italian bar is based on the mentality of \'drink and walk away, \'and they get annoyed if you stay there for more than 10 minutes.
\"We think if McDonald\'s succeeds,in Italy]
The same is true of American coffee.
\"Mr. Bardolla baulks\'s idea of selling us --
The style of the coffee means that the quality of the coffee is affected, and they think that the coffee is often diluted, which means that they have to use better quality coffee.
\"People won\'t come to us for espresso . . . . . . But our coffee is better than the traditional bar.
Our price is higher but the quality is higher. \"One self-
22-year-old coffee addict and Arnold customeryear-
Old Alessia believes.
\"It\'s lighter than Italian coffee and I like that you can carry it with you with a big paper cup,\" she said . \".
Coffee giant Starbucks is betting on more American coffee lovers like Alessia, which will open its first store in the country next year, a highend, high-
The concept hotel in Milan is only two minutes from the cathedral and historic Vittorio Emanuel II Square.
The American coffee chain promises to enter the birthplace of espresso with humility and respect.
But what do traditional Italian coffee bosses think about the cultural shift?
Vito fortuato, owner of Caffe Rigoletto, sasomagiore, Parma province, said he believed in Americans
Stylish coffee, especially those that are \"really bad for you.
Even if they were given a \"request from the US\", he said they were \"the Italian way \".
\"For people who want to have a different style of coffee, in Italy we put a small drop of flavored syrup or brandy or a drop of fresh whipped cream or a small scoop of ice cream, but this is a traditional Italian dish
But he says it is the biggest loss for more young Italian people to choose the United States.
The cafe style near the local area has nothing to do with taste, but with culture.
\"The customer thinks the bar is an open, talk, chat place and a contact between two people.
\"I see this is slowly disappearing, but it is very important for our lives.
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