reuse paper cups: how you can cut down on waste and upcycle used coffee containers

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-13
Chaya Kurtz from Networx: as a New Yorker, the piece of garbage I most likely get is a paper coffee cup and then throw it into a landfill filled with garbage, the ubiquitous plastic cover.
Four blocks between my subway station and the office where I work, there are five coffee shops and two coffee cars.
New York City cannot survive without coffee.
In the hours after Hurricane Sandy, which shop south of 14 th Street was open and almost everything was closed? Starbucks.
Although the paper cup take-out coffee has brought absolute delicious and powerful caffeine to people like me, once the coffee is discharged from these cups, the garbage will stay.
A lot of rubbish.
Billions of take-out coffee cups are thrown away every year.
What else can you do besides throwing the old paper coffee cup into the trash?
In fact, there are several ways to update the old coffee cup.
It can be a bit difficult for some to rinse, dry and take coffee cups home from the office, but that can be done.
These nine items make good use of the old paper coffee cups if you wish.
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