Quality assurance of pe paper roll
In order to ensure product quality, Taizhou Kindeal Paper Co., Ltd. has created a complete set of quality control systems. We will analyze and evaluate pe paper roll to determine if they meet the required performance specifications before being introduced to the public. In this business society, maintaining a quality management system is critical to all of us.

With increased needs from customers for poly coated paper, TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD. is going to add several production lines. According to the material, Kindeal Paper's products are divided into several categories, and biodegradable paper is one of them. This product features the desired comfort. The fabrics used are soft enough to effectively reduce frictions which would cause skin irritations. The product does not contain any harmful plastic or wax lining. The product can mold better to the shape of the foot and bend with the shoe when people step on uneven surfaces, so as to offer the best cushion effect. The product has been widely used in the food takeaway industry.

TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD. must constantly strive to innovate and provide the most professional food pack. Inquire!
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