pre-monsoon cleaning drive launched in kozhikode

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-19
After the ban on disposable paper cups and plates scattered throughout the city, Kozhikode Corporation launched a city-wide large-scale cleaning campaign in Palayam market on Tuesday as part of the statewide pre-
Monsoon programs to prevent disease outbreaks by eliminating garbage dumps.
The campaign was launched by Deputy Mayor Meera Darshak, which called on the public not to turn their surroundings, whether residential or market areas, into dumping spaces, because rain and garbage dumps are a serious disease.
Causes the combination.
Civic groups also believe that a ban on disposable items will prove effective in waste management while helping to avoid health hazards from wax or polyethylene coatings on these items.
However, traders are suffering from what they say is a sudden, therefore unrealistic ban.
\"It\'s a lot like a national green court order for 2000 --
C, chairman of the consumer goods Dealers Association, said: \"plus the cc diesel engine vehicle-suddenly appeared without any discussion with the stakeholders . \"V. Chakkuny.
\"Paper cups and plates form a thriving business that cannot be stopped suddenly.
\"This ban may be implemented in stages if it is indeed needed,\" he said . \".
District and company health officials reported wax or polyethylene coating in the Cup (
Prevent soaking)
Especially when hot coffee or tea comes into contact with it, it is a hazard to health.
More than a month ago, the cups and plates were banned from use in the regional medical officer\'s office. L. Saritha.
Any meeting or get-
The party was only made of steel wine glasses and plates, sometimes brought by the staff and placed in the office.
Catering suppliers were informed of the threats posed by disposable paper cups and plates.
They were asked to provide steel plates and wine glasses and also arranged for pathogens
Clean these clean water for free after use.
Discarded cups are also breeding spaces for mosquitoes, senior biologists from regional vector control unitsVinod said.
\"Hundreds of larvae can thrive in paper cups filled with rain.
Most of these cups are dumped recklessly and will not be completely crushed after use.
\"The gentle shower fills these cups with fresh water that mosquitoes are looking for,\" he said . \".
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