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by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-20
Mumbai: recently, customers ordering soft drinks at the KFC store near Ghansoli station have been carefully walking up two flights of stairs to the rest area, the British Tube\'s meter.
After all, removing their eyes from the beverage cups on the tray means risking spills.
This is because the vibrant beverage cup now has no traditional plastic cover and straw, and bare ice cubes are laid, and as people grow, ice cubes will jump unsteadily. In the run-
Since June 23, the food industry has been rethinking the service life of plastics.
If some restaurants have switched to paper bags and cups, other restaurants use edible tableware.
For example, Starbucks has replaced green plastic straws with paper straws and even served cold fries in paper cups.
Then, some companies like Coca
Coca-Cola and Bisleri even began collecting waste plastics from the city for recycling.
Just 15 days ago, Grandmother\'s Cafe, which has seven branches in Mumbai, returned its remaining plastic bags and cups to suppliers.
We sold it for half the price, said the assistant restaurant manager at Umesh Mane Juhu outlet.
Although their paper cup graduation is quite smooth, but the transformation to ecological environmental protection
Literally, the friendly silver foil container and paper bag are a bit sticky.
When we received an order for greasy gravy
Based on items, there are sometimes spills and customers complain about wet bags, Mane said.
In addition, cold drinks do not heat up paper cups.
In the Ford food room where plastic straws and glass were replaced by paper materials three years ago, one can now find reusable stainless steel straws.
In addition, they bid for environmental protection
Friendly recently saw them get rid of wooden cases and cutlery and switch to corn starch.
But we are still trying to find a replacement for juice.
Vijay Mohit, restaurant manager, said that unlike coffee, which is thick and has thin juice, paper cups are damp.
Looking for sustainable straws and cutlery has also spawned startups.
For Rhea Chhabria, 26year-
Quit his job in Delhi and moved to Mumbai to bring the environment to the old footwear designer.
Consciousness, a conversation provides a spark for the adventure of sustainable straw business.
For brunch at a popular restaurant in Mumbai, she happened to be with eco-
Soldier Chef Kelvin Zhang who is trying to find ecologyFriendly straw
I\'ll call me right now-
Joining partner Suraj Nair
Have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the steel and machinery industry, trying to find solutions.
Together, we work on research, development, prototyping, pilot operation and gathering feedback, says Chhabria.
The SuckIN Eco straw was set up earlier this year.
Even the hotel industry is busy throwing plastic into the garbage.
The Sahara Star Hotel\'s aluminum case, cloth bag, glass tableware and reusable toiletries have become a reality.
Plastic is a widely used material.
Durable, cheap and lightweight.
According to the ban, it is difficult to find similar media, said Salil Fadnis, deputy general manager of the hotel.
Not many people, however, need a ban to treat plastics as villains.
I don\'t have plastic in my store except for two bottles of vanilla.
Asad Siddiqui of shaake Shop at Andheri said that even the tissue holder is made of metal and the Shop has never used a plastic spoon, cutlery or bag.
He even directed his staff to ask customers who insist on providing straw for their children, do you really want straw?
They usually get tips.
To be sure, this brings him a negative online review, but Siddiqui says he can take it.
I can lose a customer.
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