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The process of carton forming

The process of carton forming

Features of automatic carton forming machine:

1. The automatic molding machine adopts electrical structure, reasonable design, simple operation, strong stability, economical and durable, low failure rate, energy saving and environmental protection.
2. Suitable for packaging of the same carton in different sizes, and the size can be changed after 10-15 minutes of manual adjustment.
3. The machine occupies a small area, and the molding efficiency is high, and the molded product is more beautiful.
4. It can be operated on a stand-alone machine, or it can be used in conjunction with an automated packaging line.
5. Cardboard automatic feeding, continuous paper feeding, can take out the box, stamping and forming, two guillotine or three sides folding-simultaneous completion in one time.
6. Installed intelligent high-speed hot melt glue spraying system, motion controller, servo drive system, photoelectric tracking system and detection operation system, touch screen human
Machine interface, etc.
7. Set up the automatic fault diagnosis function, the stepping drive system automatic and fast mold adjustment function, the mold change adopts the form of numerical control, the speed is fast, and the memory function

The working principle of the carton laminating machine:

First, the adhesive is coated on the plastic film by a roller coating device, and then heated by a hot press roller to soften the film, and then make the printed matter coated with the primer and thin
The film is pressed and pressed together to form a paper-plastic laminated product.
The working principle of the carton coated type laminating machine:
Instant film coating: It is a process that uses the instant film machine to paste the film immediately with the glue to carry out the paper-plastic composite process. It is mainly composed of coating film processing plants or processing workshops, according to
The roll plastic film needs to be coated with an adhesive, dried (lightly) compounded, and pressurized to adhere the paper film together to form a film-coated product. That is, the coating equipment has its own
There are two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, and their basic working principles are the same; the process flow mainly includes unwinding -> glue coating-drying -> compounding -> slitting -> finished product stacking.

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