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PE coated paper cup roll suppliers analyze whether paper cups can boil water

PE coated paper cup roll suppliers analyze whether paper cups can boil water

  The supplier of pe coated paper cup rolls has been investigated and found to be ok. It is a physical phenomenon that paper cups can boil water, and there is heat transfer between them.

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  The pe-coated paper cup roll supplier believes that under a standard atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, while the fire point of paper is more than 180 degrees. When boiling water, the water continuously absorbs heat from the paper cup. Even after it is boiled, the temperature of the water remains unchanged, so that the temperature of the paper does not exceed 183°C. Therefore, the paper cup will not reach the ignition point when the water boils.

  pe coated paper cup roll suppliers have found that heat transfer is a way of changing internal energy, the process of transferring heat from a high temperature object to a low temperature object, or from a high temperature part of an object to a low temperature part. It is also a way of changing the internal energy of an object.

  Heat transfer is a natural phenomenon that is ubiquitous in nature. As long as there is a temperature difference between objects or between different parts of the same object, heat transfer occurs and will continue until the temperature is the same. Thermal conditions can occur between two objects or between two parts of an object for only one reason: there is a temperature difference.

  Suppliers of pe coated paper cup rolls believe that heat transfer occurs between the flame and the water shell because the temperature of the flame is higher than that of the kettle. Shortly after the water starts to boil, the water in the shell can be seen convection, which is because The water below is warmer than the water above.

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