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Paper cup material

Paper cup material

The general raw materials for paper cups are: food grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film.

Paper cold drink cups are paper cups that can hold cold drinks. Cold drinks have a feature that requires freezing or refrigeration. The safe use temperature is 0℃-5℃. It is determined that the paper cup can be waterproof as a whole. The body material of the cold drink cup is food grade wood pulp paper + PE film on the inner and outer surfaces. This can effectively prevent wood pulp paper from losing its original stiffness and toughness due to exposure to moisture.

In order to achieve the water barrier effect during the production of paper cups, a layer of polyethylene water barrier film is coated on the inner wall. Polyethylene is the safest chemical substance in food processing. However, if the selected material is not good or the processing technology is not good enough, the polyethylene may be oxidized to carbonyl compounds during the process of hot melting or applying it to the paper cup. Carbonyl compounds are not easy to volatilize at room temperature. When hot water is poured into a paper cup, they may volatilize, so people will smell strange smells.

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