is this the most middle class row ever? furious tutting in the aisles as waitrose cafe swaps china for paper plates and cups

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-12
After customers exchanged paper plates and cups for China in supermarkets, they threatened to boycott the \"most middle-class parade ever \".
Angry regulars at the Chichester store complained to the boss when the restaurant in the store started using disposable items to serve food and drinks.
To make matters worse, in the new layout of the cafe, customers are now forced to sit on wooden chairs rather than on sofas.
At the beginning of the quarrel, the cafe moved from inside the White Rose supermarket in West Sussex to a place previously run by Costa next door.
During the move, the supermarket decided not to provide China or sofa from inside the store.
But some say the dispute is \"the worst middle-class fight ever \".
An average female customer said: \"If you go to witrose, you want to be able to have a cup of coffee from a real cup.
\"You bought it at the Sainsbury restaurant in Chichester.
You see them using paper plates and cups and you want to know what else they cut.
Meanwhile, Gary Ashcroft said it would be better for the environment to re-use the Chinese Cup.
A cafe staff member explained that the decision could be overturned in the future, but that meant a dishwasher had to be installed.
The worker said: \"There was a complaint at first, but I think we have changed now and we are really busy.
\"It\'s more hygienic and the amount of coffee customers drink is much larger.
\"I think witrose wants to change the way we think about China, but we have more of that in larger stores, which means buying a dishwasher.
The new chair is easier to clean and the plates can be recycled, the employee said.
Liz Dyson, 46, said she didn\'t mind as long as paper plates and cups were recycled.
\"People who want to have a Chinese cup of coffee may go somewhere else and I\'m here because it\'s nice and reasonable,\" she said.
But maybe they should promote it better if they really recycle it.
Catherine Crosby (Kathryn Crosby) said: \"I complain because it is completely an unnecessary waste of materials and resources.
Not all can be recycled.
When China can be washed out and reused in landfill sites, there will be more garbage, which is less damaging to the environment.
A white rose spokesperson said that customer feedback is very important to us and the comments we receive will help to develop plans for the future.
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