How to purchase bulk paper cups ?
Several ways are available for you to purchase paper cup from Taizhou Kindeal Paper Co., Ltd.. At present, we mainly adopt two channels, one of which is customers come to pay us an on-field visit and the other is the online transaction. The former is a traditional way that most manufacturing companies adopt now. The basic process goes from face-to-face communications to the contract signing. As for the latter, it is recently popular and also efficient. As more and more people prefer to communicate online, we have had our own official website showcasing our main products with detailed info such as specifications, appearance, and performance listed clearly. Several contact ways are available on the website, enabling you to contact us freely.

TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD. deals with hot cup paper and exports to many countries. According to the material, Kindeal Paper's products are divided into several categories, and bamboo cup is one of them. All of the materials of Kindeal Paper ice cream cup paper are approved and tested to make sure that they meet all safety regulations in the tent industry. There are no mold spots on the product. With the temperature-regulating effect, it helps wick away the feet sweat or moisture so as to keep the feet dry and cool. The product is perfect for BBQs, picnics, campings, and other outside activities.

TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD.'s quality principle: development and production of high-quality products. Get info!
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