How about the OEM service flow?
Taizhou Kindeal Paper Co., Ltd. is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM services. The understanding of your needs means we are always on hand to listen, bounce ideas off, and create new systems to give you the edge over the competition. Delivered straight from our corporate OEM Team, the products benefit you by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter lead-time for product development. Through providing brand-new designs, in-depth protopyting, rapid manufacturing, and quality control, we guarantee a smooth OEM service process.

TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD. is a reliable and responsible manufacturer for its paper for box. According to the material, Kindeal Paper's products are divided into several categories, and paper cup is one of them. During formation, data on the cell performance of Kindeal Paper pla coated paper such as capacity and impedance, are gathered and recorded for quality analysis and traceability. The product has strong toughness and is not easy to be punctured. This product has no hazard risks. Its fabrics are treated to be free of harmful chemicals that would cause any skin irritants. Made from bagasse and wheat straw fiber, the product is sustainable.

TAIZHOU KINDEAL PAPER CO., LTD. has successfully created the famous Chinese brand Kindeal Paper.
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