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Hot Selling Paper Cup Paper Food Grade Single Side Pe Coated Roll Paper Wholesale

Hot Selling Paper Cup Paper Food Grade Single Side Pe Coated Roll Paper Wholesale
pe coated cup paper for making cups
Paper type:
general cup paper
Paper Color:
Pulp material:
wood pulp paper
Pulp style:
Used for:
normal thickness , for excellent print effect
Paper Size:
customized in roll, in sheet or printed and precut cup shapes
1side or 2side PE coating or PBS coating
general paper cups , coffee cups , ice cream cup
there has several different quality for client’s demand , such as KD1, KD2, KD3

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1.  Certificate

    Q:Do you have Certifications for the PE paper that is suitable for food contact?

    A:Paper obtained SGS,  it's healthy for food contact. According to customer's requirement, we can offer Health

    Certificate (HC); Test report from MA(MA); SGS certificate(SGS);China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment

    (CNAS); Embassy certification.


    2.paper Size, Specification

    Q: Can you cut roll to the different sizes of sheets as we want? Or there has some standard size for sheets?

    A: We can cut size based on your requirement. There is no standard size.

    Q: Can you tell me the exact dimension of the paper (width * length)?

    A: Different cup moulds, paper size is different. Please inquiry to get your exact size.


    Paper Gram Choosing for cups

    Q:What is the optimum paper gram for hot drinks and for cold drinks?

    A:Usualy, hot drink using single PE coated paper or PBS coated paper; Cold drink use double PE coated cup paper or double PBS

    coated cup paper , Different cup size and different market using different gram. Please inquiry to get our suggestion!


    4.Cup fan pcs/ton

    Q: How many pieces of paper cups can we make from each ton paper?

    A: Please send us your cup drawing-layout (means the opened dimension) Or tell us your cup size (Top diameter /Bottom diameter

    /Wall Height). We will estimate to you.


    5.Bottom pcs/ton

    Q:How many cup bottom are needed for the 1ton precut & printed paper (cup body)?

    A: Usually the proportion is about 1:0.2 (means 1ton paper need about 0.2tons bottom paper, just for reference!). Certainly,

    different cup size, different gram, it's different. Please inquiry details!


    Paper Printing.

    Q: Can you produce the printed & cut cup paper?

    A: Yes, we can do flexographic (max 6colors printing)or offset printing, and Auto-cutting to be the shapes you need, such as

    paper cup blanks.


    7.Difference between flexo printing and offset printing

    Q:What's the difference of flexographic printing & offset printing? What is the best printing method? How many colors can you

    print on a paper cup?

    A:1. Flexographic printing required paper in roll. Offset printing required paper in sheet

    2. The technical of offset printing is mature than flexographic.

    3. Design mould different: flexographic plate is made of resin material, it's expensive, as usual cost usd100/color; but

    Offset required a digital plate. it's cheaper, as usual cost usd30/color.

    4. The ink of flexographic printing is water based, blend by water, clear by water; so it's no pollution. Ink is Food grade.

    But generally, the ink of Offset printing is gas/oil based. Blend by oil, clean by gas/oil, so it's pollution, not Food grade.

    Certainly, there has food grade ink for offset, but high price than Flexographic.


    8.Waste Percentage of 1 ton pe coated paper paper

    Q:How many percent of the rejected edge and wastes after printing, cutting, and packaging? ( how many KG of cup blanks can get

    from 1 ton paper )

    A:1. on flexographic printing, the wastage is around 10~13% percent depend on your cup sizes and our Flexographic Plate



2.on offset printing, the wastes is around 15~16% (means 1ton sheet paper you can get around 840~850KGS blanks).


9.Shipping Packing

Q: How to packing the paper?

A:1. Sheet paper, packing by wooden pallet, 200~300sheets per bag by craft paper. Or some special requires from you.

2. Roll paper, packing by craft paper and plastic film.

3. Cup blanks(cup fan shape) with printing and cutting, can be clean-away the reject paper and packaged by paper cartons. or leave

the reject edges but packed by wooden pallet.


10.Loading tons

Q: How many tons of paper can load in one'container?

A:1. 20gp, can shipped about 14~15tons, more or less depends on Size.

2. 40gp, can load about 25.5tons .

3. Paper sample

Q: How can I get paper sample to check paper quality?

A:Yes, we can send the paper gram you want in A4 size,(weight below 1kg) . Paper sample is free. But The delivery cost will on

your side.


12 Custom printing and cutting for paper cup fan samples.

Q: How can I get paper sample printed and cut at my art design and size?

A: Printed & cut on your design for sample is not workable. Below is Two ways for your reference:

1way: Check printing effect:

printed your design but not cut into fan shape size. Around 10pcs: 250usd. Sample delivery cost will on customer side.

2 way: Test machine

Do not printing but cutting into your size(White paper cup fan) Around 500pcs:150usd Sample delivery cost will on customer side.

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