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If housewife and entrepreneur Tejaswini Dash had a say in this, a piece of paper would not be wasted. On the roof-
Top terrace for her two
Legendary house in a dead end in Kannammoola (
On the other hand, Malaya also has a wider space)
, Tejaswini runs a unit that makes the ecology
Friendly and biodegradable paper products and decorative gifts
Paper and recyclable waste.
She began selling paper products under the Baansuria brand in 2007.
Today, a considerable number of paper handbags we buy from boutiques, hotels, restaurants and some pharmacies in the city are made by Baansuria.
\"Recently, there has been a growing demand for paper bags of all sizes-not because the government has banned plastic bags under 40 microns.
I think this is more about lifestyle changes and growing awareness of the need for sustainable plastic choices.
In fact, we have changed a lot since five years ago.
To some extent, the biggest obstacle is the cost factor.
I mean, who would want to buy a paper bag when you can buy a plastic bag --Is the price ten?
Nowadays, however, many organizations have chosen paper handbags.
Even if they order only 200 paper bags, it\'s great because it means 200 less plastic bags!
Tejaswini said her dimples were flashing and she cleverly folded the yellow chart paper into the shape of her handbag.
\"They are as strong as plastic bags,\" she said . \"
If the customer needs, these bags will be screen printed later with a custom logo. The 38-year-
Old entrepreneur handmade her signature product
Paper made of wood pulp combined with organic waste such as leaves, grass, bamboo chips, cotton waste, jute, banana waste and even hair!
\"Recycled paper made of waste paper has little strength and is thinner than ordinary paper.
\"Organic materials increase the strength of the paper and tend to be much thicker than regular paper,\" she explains . \".
Hands from Tejaswini source
Made of paper from the outside.
In addition to the paper tote bag, Baansuria has a wide range of products ranging from notebooks, greeting cards and paper documents to folders, envelopes, hands
Carefully crafted gift box, photo frame, folding pen holder, business card, paper tray, lampshade, etc.
\"Nothing is wasted.
The basic idea is to reuse, recycle and reduce waste.
For example, after making notebooks and notepad, we make smaller notebooks and graffiti with the rest of the paper.
Next, we will make some barbecue.
Also, leftovers.
In this way, we can punch the decorative materials in the shapes of flowers, bells and so on.
\"Even things that are wasted from there are used to make paper mache,\" she explains . \".
Boubaneswar, Orissa and the back
Tejaswini graduated from Hyderabad Central University in sociology and moved to the city after marrying Manu P.
Mr. Nair is at NSS High School, Chathanoor.
It was a trip to o\'robindo ashram, the hand of pondicry
The paper making unit that changed the life of Tejaswini.
\"My husband and I spent the whole holiday in the unit, watching them work, learning the art of paper --
Memories of Tejaswini.
\"I have always been interested in the environment and social undertakings, and I have always been a Gandalf as I grow up.
\"I only wear Hardy when I go to college,\" says Tejaswini . \".
Before she settled in the city and started Baansuria, she served as documentary and researcher for seven years in NGOs in Orissa, focusing on women\'s empowerment and development (
Oriya means flute or Krishna).
\"No matter what I learn from the newspaper
\"Manufacturing has gone through a trial and error process,\" the entrepreneur said . \" He added that the biggest challenge in running a small business is
Scale Industry is product marketing.
\"It\'s hard to find qualified professionals who are willing to work for the few jobs we can afford.
Even so, not many of them will have the same faith in the social benefits of this ecological environment as we do.
\"Friendly products,\" she added . \"
View the products of Tejaswini at> www. baansuria. com.
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