cut the cup waste: your say on the campaign and what can be done to help the environment

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-12
Earlier this year, we launched a campaign to cut the waste of cups. Each year, 2.
5 billion disposable cups were thrown away in the UK.
In addition to supporting the proposal to introduce the \"latte tax\", the Independent Party has also worked to clarify the need to improve recycling facilities and to encourage efforts to introduce reusable cups.
We have asked the customer about the situation;
We seek answers from coffee shops and ministers;
We even sent a report to our science reporter about caffeine.
The task is to find out how many cafes will provide him with a cup in a disposable cup, even if he \"drinks \".
At present, the government says it has no intention of taxing beverages sold in a single way. use cups.
Its inaction has been criticized by activists and the parliamentary environmental audit committee.
However, the pressure of change works in some ways: witrose promises to stop using disposable cups inside itstore cafes;
Starbucks is charging 5 p for take-out cups;
Pret a Manger doubled the discount on hot drinks purchased by customers with reusable cups, reaching 50 p.
However, much remains to be done.
Just this week, we reported an alarming number of disposable cups used by British hospitals every year.
When we launch the event, we ask the reader to make ideas and comments on the issue.
This reaction is a passionate one, but is usually considered.
Today we post some of the information we received.
Soon, we will distribute the cups of independent brands to those who write.
Please continue to tell us your views on this important environmental issue.
You can write to us via lattelevy @ independent. co. uk.
You think a very successful Belfast independent coffee shop has developed a good brand list.
Using the cup, then why not entrust a branded version of the reserved Cup?
I would like to know if the Independence Party will look into members of Parliament to determine their point of view in the hope of creating sufficient momentum for future private Member bills?
Dermot ParsonsI was sure we had paper cups and straws that didn\'t include plastic when I was young.
Of course, we can develop a biodegradable and recyclable \"wax paper\" in this era \".
Philip Morey fully agrees with the idea of taxing, perhaps even punitive, to help finance the development of recyclable cups.
Maybe the public.
Private initiatives?
When the cup is redesigned, too much material will be landfill.
There is a leak problem with cardboard cups without polymer lining, and of course, there is a threat of litigation by scalded customers, but this is feasible.
Chris RogersA 5 p levy is unlikely to have a significant impact and needs to be set at a higher level.
In rural areas, the garbage from these disposable cups is a real problem.
David ChaplinTruly likes your article very much about Starbucks 【
Failed to achieve]
Their commitment to recycling
Make a pot of coffee at home and put it in a travel cup.
It sends a message to Starbucks, which is good for our planet, it can save you time, there will be a lot of money in your pocket.
At present, there are only three recycling facilities in the UK that can recycle paper and plastic separately.
This is a fundamental weakness of our entire cardboard and paper recycling system, not just for a singleuse cups.
Andy Nott the only way you can stop using disposable cups is to charge them-it must be the government --
Led, so that everyone must abide.
You can\'t ignore the success of charging plastic bags-it\'s exactly the same unless I\'m missing something.
Jo DixonI personally believes that the 5 p tax is unlikely to have a significant impact on this issue.
It\'s much better to encourage reusable cups with decent discounts.
Few coffee shops in Northern Ireland seem to promote reusable cups, and the staff look surprised if you bring a cup and ask them to use it instead of a disposable one.
Lorna ParsonsI is in full favor of banning disposable coffee cups unless they can be biodegradable completely and quickly.
If I had a reusable cup, I would take advantage of it even if the coffee supplier did not have a discount.
Eleanor Griffith was surprised to find that no one invented a disposable coffee cup that could be recycled.
Milk cartons can be recycled, but coffee cups cannot be recycled.
Oliver Sculley it is the responsibility of all of us-the public, retailers and the government-to move towards banning singles --
Use disposable cups as soon as possible, which will eventually help us to protect our environment.
In the \"good old days\", if we want to have coffee outdoors, we will go to the cafe for a drink.
We didn\'t run around, holding a cardboard cup in our hands and drinking coffee as we walked.
Susan Woody was an reluctant recycler a few years ago, but now I\'m proud to use as little plastic as possible.
There is a note on my clingfilm dispenser reminding me to avoid using it as much as possible.
The inaction of the government of Noelle BolzernUK is sad but not surprising.
I live in Wales and thankfully it\'s a decentralized issue, which is why Wales launched a successful plastic bag tax long before England.
It looks like Ravi latte will go the same way.
Since you started a campaign on this topic, I \'ve been carrying a reusable cup with me.
It will cause some alarm at airport security, but on top of that, it\'s just a great experience.
Sarah CarrI is pleased that more publicity has finally been given to this issue.
I think it will take a while to change our habits, but this happens-most of us will now automatically pick up bags for shopping.
20 p for each drink, a heavy tax should be paid.
This will help to change our habits.
Disposable coffee cups are only part of the problem.
We also need to get rid of plastic mixers, napkins and sugar bags.
Dianne WelshIf if you carry a reusable cup with you, the possibility that you have more knowledge of the broader environmental issues becomes more obvious.
Linda izani does not agree with the latte tax, but I suspect it will encourage people to use reusable cups.
I want to protect animals from eating plastic that we don\'t want, so I will use reusable cups.
Mrs. McCormack, when I used to have instant porridge for breakfast (
Mixed with boiling water)
, I can\'t help but notice that the plastic pan with dried porridge has a removable, slightly stuck --
Cardboard sleeves.
When you finish your porridge, you pull a small label on the cardboard sleeve (
Like a zipper)
, Thus separating the cardboard sleeve from the plastic tank for recycling.
Why can\'t disposable coffee cups be made in the same way?
Glynis LeesonI found that the worst place to drink coffee was the cafe at the train station.
In fact, many people have seating areas but will not sell coffee in Chinese cups.
Chris SciberrasOur\'s life is determined by the food and beverage industry, but if consumers refuse to buy any single productuse, non-
Recycled Plastics, the industry will soon find a replacement.
Linda Johnson is an avid recycler and I would love to recycle every bit of plastic I can get.
But when my local council changed their recycling system to mixed bin collection, they stopped collecting plastic labeled 5 and 6 and we can only recycle labels 1 and 2 now.
A lot of plastic is not labeled at all, and there are no hot spots using other symbols.
Why is it still legal not to have a single, clear national labeling system for all the plastic produced?
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