cooking out is fun; if you use a hubcap, paper bags, foil, pinch of salt, a little imagination

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On March 22, 1964, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.
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Cooking on off-road camping trips can be a chore unless it\'s entertainment.
We never decide in advance what makes the meal time interesting. or whether—we will eat.
It depends on whether we have just bought fresh corn.
What competitors we found, like swimming, do we like the cooking facilities we camp.
Because our 6-person car usually has as much passenger capacity, it can only carry a small amount of equipment.
Six of us often left home with clothes, tents, sleeping bags, axes for a three-month camping trip, with a spade and a folding grill in the trunk and roof.
The food must be packed in the car with the passengers.
So, apart from the fact that we can unload for a few days in one place;
We usually buy food once a day.
Something we can\'t bake, we can heat it up in cans or eat it cold.
The problem with this arrangement of advertising is that my daughter and I really like to cook, especially when they need intelligence.
So, over the years, we have improvised, invented, and even invested in equipment occasionally.
For example, we will buy a can of grapefruit juice and drink a can.
This gives us a disposable pot of the right size.
In Nova Scotia, we bought a kettle because I was craving hot cereal.
Soup and cocoa have increased our reserves.
We had to buy a gallon canteen for a walk in the Grand Canyon.
Now, we can purify the suspicious water with a chlorine tablet in 30 minutes.
And, when we live in a camp without water, we don\'t have to buy watermelons to quench our thirst like once in Alabama.
When my husband was craving omelette, he found out how to cook omelette with hub cover, and I copied the idea of pie.
I also stir the dough in paper bags and bake the bread with aluminum foil in the outdoor fireplace.
There is no need to give up the 20 th century triom just because of playing with fire, just like a cave man.
Who wants to open the tank with an axe unless he loses the opener?
We only brought a sharp knife and carrot scraper, but there was no plate or silver.
We had a pleasant management with wooden or plastic spoons, paper cups, and occasionally paper trays.
Cups and spoons wholesale in big cities are chieaper W.
Half the fun of off-road camping is learning to use an amazing variety of cooking arrangements.
We found the coin operated gas burner on the slopes of Mount Reinier, Washington, found the electric board on the Canadian highway, found the high vest charcoal burner in many places, in some
We are glad that the wood burning fireplace is still the main one.
They have various shapes and sizes, including round pits without decoration.
There is a triangular Grill in BC with short legs, no sides and no chimney.
On the other hand, there is a fireplace in Ontario and the chimney is very high.
An adaptable chef finds it best to put a grill on the roaring chimney and cook at the height of the eye.
Advertising when we have to cook in our own place, it could be a pit about 1 feet deep if we plan to bake.
It should be twice as narrow enough that we fold the grill so that the length of the grill can span the excavation.
When we finish cooking on a burning fire, we push the coal to the end of the pit.
At the same time, we have put what we want to bake on an upper and lower grill.
We lowered the grill to the pit with the legs of the grill;
Then we put a spade on top of the pit to support a foil cover.
The foil is then covered with a layer of newspaper to provide insulation.
We don\'t carry the fridge, we eat or destroy leftovers and rely heavily on canned food, especially meat.
We use our abilities to heat almost everything.
Once I was scared by the label on a whole canned chicken.
It says in large letters, \"don\'t heat it in a can.
\"Have I been poisoning my family all these years?
I asked the chief economist at the company and he assured me that there was only one reason for the warning.
In this way, no one will detonate the \"chicken bomb\" by heating the unopened jar to the explosion point \".
In the open jar, the chicken is heated in the fire for about 10 minutes.
It can be eaten when the broth is boiling.
We make mashed potatoes with chicken soup and instant potato powder.
We found it delicious.
Mashed potatoes are also needed for meatballs and canned gravy, and mashed potatoes and beef jerky are also well matched.
The standard spicy pork bread tastes better with brown sugar instead of some liquid.
But I think the best meat is half cooked and steamed roast beef.
Come out of the can and taste like a roasting pan.
On a trip to Alaska, four of us stumbled upon how self-sufficient the camping trip was.
Advertising for big fallsMont.
We shop in a supermarket dedicated to the ranchers.
Each of us chose some condensed food that might be hard to get in Alaska.
We then added something in Alaska that we thought might be expensive, and then packed the recipe next to it.
Finally, we got a bag of 10-pound oatmeal, a large jar of peanut butter, instant orange juice and cocoa.
There are Macaroni, brown rice, dried beans, lima beans and peas;
Apples, peaches, apricots, prunes;
Flour, yeast, baking powder, baking soda;
Shortening and salad dressing;
Soap and paper towels;
Sugar, salt and onion slices;
Dry soup, tomato sauce and tuna.
In Edmonton, we added canned meat, which is a good buy and sell in Canada, as well as preserved local vegetable cans and margarine in cold weather.
A small box equivalent to a dozen eggs costs about 70 cents.
How about cooking in the rain? Once;
While we were doing this at Mackinley Mountain National Park in Alaska, a park employee was enjoying our sour dough cookies and corn bread, insisting on lending us a week\'s stove
But there is a better solution.
After a hard day of driving, put a can of stew and a can of vegetables on the engine\'s thermal manifold.
Read quietly for half an hour.
Then enjoy dinner in the car.
Following recipes-
Except for the one with fast yeast bread --
Adjust for standard 8 oz measuring cups and standard teaspoons and spoons.
Adjustments must be made if paper cups are used. Their size(
Ounces, full)
Print right at the bottom edge.
The capacity of the picnic spoon is slightly smaller than a teaspoon.
Round cover Raspberry PIE bowl cup shortening1 bowl cup salt bowl teaspoon Bowl cup water2 bowl cups blueberry, currant, raisin, mulberries Bowl cup float to moon cup sugar
If you use currant, you need the most glass of water for currant.
Pick wild berries and wash them only when the dust is flying.
Do not remove the stem.
Wash the wheel cover, this is a wet paper towel ready to be cleaned at the end.
Put an extra half cup of flour in the paper cup for dust removal.
Put a thick layer of newspaper on the picnic table or on the hood of the car.
Put a large piece of aluminum foil in the newspaper;
Rotate the edge up 1 inch. Advertisement2.
Mix flour, salt and shortening oil on foil with straps.
Remove the label from any size of Can and indicate the content on the lid with a pencil.
Flatten the edge of the foil, sprinkle it with powder, and roll the can with flour instead of rolling staff.
Roll out the pie crust and put it in the wheel cover. 3.
Shake the berries, sugar and flour in a paper bag.
Place the pie crust inside and add half a glass of water if only currant is used. 4.
Place the pie in front of the fire and build the reflective oven around it with aluminum foil.
The pie should be supported on the ground so that the heat can turn the shell at the bottom yellow, or place it on the fire for five minutes before baking.
Four hungry people, or six others.
Raspberry Cup (raspberry)
Since these are only growing 4n in the far north, they are there {
Red berries, blueberries, etc. can be replaced)
1 cup of white flour 1 cup of yellow corn flour 4 teaspoon baking powder 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons shortening 3 tablespoons of spray processed milk powder (
Not instant milk.
Get this from the store of the bakery supply company. or bakery)
3 tablespoons of whole egg powder or 1 cup of fresh egg1 1/4 glass of water (
Reduce to 1 cup if fresh eggs are used). 1.
Tear off about 14 inch of the aluminum foil, open one and a half inches on the side and fold the corner safely. 2.
Apply shortening on the foil and oil on the bottom.
Then put the shortening oil aside in the corner of the pan: Mix flour, corn flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, milk powder and egg powder in the center of the aluminum foil, then add tofu. mix ‐gi;
Add betrie and mix it with water until nothing looks dry.
More water is needed sometimes.
Water and milk powder can be replaced with flowing milk. 3.
Support the foil plate on the folding grill and the legs can be used as handles.
Put a grill in front of the fire and support Four Corners on small stones.
Wrap a piece of long foil around the upright legs and the top of the legs to make a reflector oven.
The corn bread is no longer sour and turns into a brown shell, raising the grill at the back and heading towards the fire.
Output: about eight.
Fast yeast bread 1 pack of active dry yeast 3 paper cups cold water 8 paper cups flour 1 paper cup powder, non-instant skim milk 2 pile up picnic spoon salt (Wood or plastic)
3. 1 picnic spoon sugar.
By forming aluminum foil around the bottom of the medium-sized paper bag, a reasonable fax is made to the bread plate. Grease pan.
Transfer the pot to the bag. 2.
In plastic bags (or bread pan)
Mix yeast with water, sugar and salt.
Designed in five ounces.
If you use a larger cup, add sugar and salt and expect a larger loaf of bread.
Add flour and milk powder.
Squeeze into the bag to mix, or stir in the bread tray.
If not fully mixed, use your fingers. Advertisement3.
Pour the dough into the pan and place it in a paper bag.
Fix the top of the paper bag, put it in the car, the window is closed, should be parked in the sun.
After about an hour, knock out the bread in the pan and let it rise for another 20 minutes. (
This step is optional, but the bread should be lighter. )4.
Put the bread at one end of a piece of long foil, close to a fire.
Bend at the other end of the foil, about above: 6 inch, extend the bread 6 inch to the fireplace grill.
A stick on the foil \"roof\" above the grill will keep it anchored.
It may be necessary to bend another piece of foil horizontally behind the bread.
Tear the paper bag on the foil plate. 5.
Bake for about 50 minutes, make sure to bake potatoes at the same time.
The potatoes are ready and the bread is ready.
After about 30 minutes, the bread should be strong enough to hold the shape without a paper bag or tin pan and can be torn off so that the crust of the bread becomes brown.
A version of this file was printed on page FC9 of The New York edition on March 22, 1964 with the title: Cooking is fun;
If you are using a wheel cover, paper bag, tin paper, salt pinch, imagine it a little.
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