coffee chain boston tea party \'first\' to ban disposable cups

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-27
An independent coffee chain is considered the first coffee chain in the UK to ban the sale of hot drinks in disposable cups.
From June 1, the Boston Tea Party, which has 21 branches in the UK, will only sell hot drinks with reusable cups.
Customers must bring their own cups, buy one in the store, or pay a deposit on one that can return to any branch.
Supermarket giant VITROS has made a similar commitment to stop using disposable cups before the fall, while Costa Coffee has vowed to improve recycling.
Sam Roberts, the owner of the Boston Tea Party, said it was \"pointless\" to distribute 300,000 disposable cups a year \".
It is estimated that more than 2 billion disposable coffee cups are used in the UK each year, with less than 1% recycled.
The new plan for takeout hot drinks, which accounts for 1 million of the company\'s £ 19 a year.
8 m turnover is the second attempt by the chain to reduce waste.
Previously, customers were offered a 25 p drink discount if they brought their own cups, but only 2.
8% accepted the offer.
According to the new plan, customers who forget reusable cups can buy one at a price of 4 in the store. 25 and £4. 75.
Alternatively, they can pay the deposit on the loan Cup and return it after it is completed.
While paper cups can be recycled in specialized factories, they are not suitable for recycling with other paper and cardboard products because they contain plastic linings.
Other British coffee chains have also announced plans to reduce waste.
For example, Costa vowed to recycle as many cups as possible by 2020.
But Mr Roberts did not think such a plan would work.
\"Many coffee chains are promising how to deal with cup waste in the future, but their future is too far away,\" he said . \".
\"We want to prove to other operators that major changes are needed to make a difference.
\"We will make this work and we will share the details of how we can do it with anyone who wants us to help.
\"Costa Coffee promises to recycle as many cups as possible by 2020, and if customers bring their own reusable cups, they will also be offered a 25 p hot drink discount.
Pret A Manger offers customers A 50 p hot drink discount if they bring their own reusable cups.
If customers bring their own reusable cups, Starbucks will offer them a 25 p hot drink discount.
The company is also experimenting with a 5 p tax on disposable cups at 35 stores in London.
Caffe Nero said it is \"trying to increase the number [with] competitors\"coffee cup]
\"Recycling point\" in the UK \".
If the customer comes with reusable cups, Paul will offer them a 25 p hot drink discount.
Environmental charity Friends of Earth, who are working on this issue, said that retailers are taking steps to reduce waste, which is encouraging, but believes that the government needs to do more to help solve this problem.
\"We welcome measures taken by the coffee shop to reduce the plastic pollution they produce,\" a spokesman said . \".
\"However, it seems that the UK government can use caffeine for its plastic strategy.
\"Charities insist that the only long-term
The term solution for plastic pollution is \"a complete phase --
In addition to the most basic plastic \".
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