chancellor announces new tax on companies which use non-recycled plastic but avoids \'latte levy\' on disposable coffee cups

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-10
The Chancellor announced that a new plastic tax would be levied to encourage recycling-but there is no \"latte\" to handle disposable plastic cups.
Philip Hammond says he\'s not going
Despite widespread public support for this initiative, recyclable coffee cups that eventually enter our oceans.
The news sparked outrage among lawmakers and environmental activists who accused him of violating his promise to fight singles. use plastics.
Hammond pledged to tax companies that manufacture or import such products.
As of April 2022, the plastic, known as \"virgin\", has not been recycled.
This will encourage food and beverage companies to reduce their dependence on plastics that are difficult to recycle or impossible to recycle, such as black food trays and plastic straws, he said.
The ministers made addressing plastic pollution a priority after the Daily Mail campaign, which resulted in plastic bag charges and reduced near usage.
But the Treasury declined to adopt a similar approach to disposable plastic containers, including coffee and water cups. Around 2. 5 billion single-
Coffee cups are used in Britain every year.
Most of them end up in landfill because of plastic
Coated paper cups cannot be recycled.
On January, members of the Environmental Audit Committee called for a 25 p charge in addition to all hot drink prices purchaseduse cups.
Yesterday, Labor MP and committee chairman Mary Creech said: \"It has been a year since the Prime Minister stood in front of the shipping box and promised to launch a single
Use plastic tax to reverse the trend of plastic polluting the environment.
After his biggest response to any Treasury consultation, he failed to fulfill his commitment to the British people.
\"There is nothing green in this budget.
For the next four years, there will be no latte tax and no bad plastic tax.
He kicked the plastic bottle on the road.
She noted that the Ministry of Finance\'s consultations on the single monetary policy received more than 160,000 responsesuse plastics.
Liberal Democrat MP Carmichael said: \"The Prime Minister has given up the government\'s commitment to tax plastic cups, which is very disappointing.
\"This proves that the Tories are full of heat and there is no credible action.
It also proves what I have always said, that the headlines are more important to them than the environment. \"Green Party\"
Lead Caroline Lucas said on Twitter: \"This is the most natural --
The budget has run out for decades.
His biggest statement about the environment is to give up the latte tax and use it as an excuse to care about our natural world.
Julian Kirby of Friends of the Earth said: \"It is surprising that just as we need him to increase the heat of plastic polluters, the Chancellor of the Treasury caught a cold on the latte tax.
Taxing the original plastic packaging would be a welcome step, but if we were to stop the influx of large amounts of plastic waste each year into the UK waterway, bolder action would be needed.
Hugo taholm, a surfer Against Sewage, said: \"It\'s just a start, and if we\'re going to address the real scale of plastic pollution in the ocean, activists have to keep putting pressure, more ambitious legislation is required.
Voluntary industry measures are never enough.
We need strong legislation to drive a change in plastic pollution.
But Rupert Haworth, marketing director at recycling technology, said the move would encourage recycling.
He added that this will stimulate new investment in plastic recycling innovation and capacity in the UK and provide recycled plastic raw materials for the industry.
Hammond, who announced these commitments yesterday, said he wants Britain to be a \"world leader\" on this issue, adding that plastic is deadly to our wildlife and oceans.
He said he looked closely at the case of a tax on the production of disposable plastic cups.
But, he told the House of Commons: \"My conclusion is that at this point, isolated taxes do not bring about a decisive shift in all beverage types from disposable cups to reusable cups.
He promised to monitor the coffee chain, some of which have already introduced their own discounts on reusable plastic cups, and said he would return to the issue if \"enough progress\" was not made
Environment Minister Michael Gove will also review the package producer responsibility plan, he said.
He announced a tax on packaging that contains no recycled plastic, saying it would \"change the economy of sustainable packaging \".
The Ministry of Finance then added: \"taxes will provide clear economic incentives for businesses to use recycled materials in packaging production, which in turn will generate greater demand for this material.
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