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by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-20
I sometimes find that I have too much free time on hand.
I found a shop by chance.
Visit some customers during work)
The one selling candles (
And some basic materials for making candles)
I thought, \"why not? I was tempted.
It is also highly recommended to buy the whole package of candle making)
But I said to myself, \"Do I really need everything this guy is trying to sell me?
Why don\'t I buy what I can\'t do myself and then fix the rest myself.
I looked at how they did it! I\'m a guy!
I don\'t need to read books about candle making!
I\'m going to make candles now!
\"Yes, so if you\'re the same as me, you might take about two weeks to test the material and stuff.
Let me help you with what I found. 1.
Don\'t bother buying expensive candle molds (IMO).
These are expensive and it\'s hard to get the candles out.
Because of their price, you may end up buying only 2-3 of them.
If you want to do a lot of candles in one breath like I do, it could be a problem.
You also have to keep the Wax heated (
Or continue heating). 2.
Buy candle mold release/silicone spray (IMO).
Again, the expensive thing is that you really don\'t know what\'s in them (
In addition to silica gel, in terms of gas)
You have to buy more when you run out.
In this \"ble\", I will focus more on how I use paper cups as molds than on the exact science of making candles (be warned! ).
Note: There will be fire and sharp objects, so please be careful.
Don\'t hurt yourself or others. Safety first!
I will make candles with the basic candle making materials you may already know.
The only difference is that I use paper cups (
Mine is glass size and you can zoom in as much as you want). 1. Candle wax2.
Candle coloring or wax coloring (
Some people use crayons and you can use them if you have them)and scent (
If you want some3. Paper cups -
You can buy big cups or small ones.
Note: You should take some wax in it (
Almost all the paper cups I \'ve seen have this)4. Candle wick (
Or some cotton thread.
Thick if you want a thicker/wider flame but not too thick! )5.
Cheap large bag of bamboo sticks 6.
A small hole in a nail or something under a paper cup (Or a little cone.
I found one lying around so I used this)7.
A pot thrown away (
If you\'re going, one or two. boiler way)8.
Some type of stove (duh! )9.
Some kind of cutting object, such as a knife or a picture of bladeNo this time (I forgot! )-
But you will see more when the final result scrolls.
Traditionally, you should \"insert\" the wick into some wax and pull it out (So it\'s straight)
Then dip it and hang it up.
Wax in your candle mold.
I tried it once or twice, but I don\'t like the way the Wick looks.
I want a way to make sure the Wick goes through the candle and is centered.
Several attempts I made initially with the hanging method gave me an uneven Wick in the middle of the finished candle.
So that\'s what I did.
Tie the wick to the bamboo ske (
Middle or middle of Cup)
Then screw the wick out of the bottom of the paper cup with your awl (
In the hole you hit before).
Put a little tension on the wick, and then make a knot at the bottom of the Cup (
Outside the Cup)
Then cut off the wick.
You should have a very straight wick right now, the knot outside the Cup (at the bottom)
The next step will come in handy.
Because you make a hole in the bottom of the Cup, when you pour the wax in, you may find the wax overflowing.
And then I put this hole
From Outside
Bottom of Cup)
With another candle (normal candle)wax.
Drop the candle you want on the Wick, but be sure to seal the hole at the bottom.
Very direct, melt your wax.
Some instructions have other additives that you need to put into the wax (during melting)
So just follow your recipe.
If you have any color or smell, add them at the end of the meeting.
Even if my pot is high and I pay a lot of attention to it, I\'m doubling this.
Not your friend!
Also please note that you will have to use the pan you are ready to throw away or allocate 100% of the time to melt the wax.
You don\'t want to cook with this.
Attached note: wife, girlfriend and mom never like to throw pots, so make sure it\'s an old pot or something super cheap you buy yourself (
They don\'t know! ).
When I got down, I used another paper cup (a bigger cup)
I cut off my lips a little as a spout.
My paper cup candle mold is a small glass size cup and I have a lot of cups so I don\'t want to mess up. So now you wait.
I suggest you do this in a cool and airy place in your home.
There are also no bugs, kids, animals or wives/girlfriends/moms.
I also suggest that since the bottom of the paper cup takes a while to cool down, you can improve the whole row by putting 1st cups and the last one in another paper cup.
This makes the whole row rise from the ground and helps to cool down.
When the candle is solid, score in the paper cup with a knife or blade (
I did it in 3 places)
Paper cups fall from candles (
Or the candle falls out of the paper cup, which one do you pick best).
Be careful as your candle is still tied to the bamboo ske.
Just use the same blade and cut it up and down from the bottom (
At the bottom of the paper cup, just cut the Wick tied to the bamboo ske.
Anyway, I spent about 2-
It takes 3 hours to prepare and prepare wax (
I stopped to listen to music and watch TV! ).
What I recommend is to buy a bunch of paper cups, then punch holes at a time, and then do Wick etc at another time.
The rest of you will be the candle mold ready.
Then choose a weekend, melt the wax and pour it out, and you are all ready. Final Notes:1.
Do not use any edible pigments as it is water based and will not really work for the candle holder.
Do not use any water-based scents (or mom\'s par-fume -alcohol)
Because that will burn.
Any water-based or chemical that you are not sure about during the candle making process because you will burn these babies and you do not want strange chemicals in the air.
Some water/chemicals can also cause candles to explode or cause mini candles to explodeexplosions (
Unless you want this, go ahead). Enjoy!
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