ban on single-use plastics in canberra welcome news to many businesses already going green

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-06
\"It\'s not new to us.
\"This is the resonance of many Canberra companies in the concept of banning single --use plastics.
The ACT government proposal announced this week will ban all kinds of plastic products in Canberra to eliminate plastic waste.
The opposition opposes the move, arguing that it will put unfair pressure on businesses.
But when politicians argue whether a one-off coffee
The bill should ban cups, cutlery and containers, which many businesses believe are already ahead.
When Natalie Clegg set up little Ogin in Cook, she was thinking about the residents\' need for that quality coffee that she could only find in her heart
The northern suburbs of Braden.
At first, plastics were often used, including straws, take-out coffee cups and food containers.
But broader discussions about environmental costs have triggered a change.
\"I hope I can get credit for it, but a lot of it is my staff,\" MS Legg said . \".
Legg said that customers of small Oink are now encouraged to bring their reusable coffee cups with a discount of 50 cents, and the straws are no longer used. MS.
The disposable coffee cups and containers used are all made of biodegradable products, she said.
\"It\'s definitely going to cost more to use plastic for free,\" said Legg MS.
\"We got paper straws and they are definitely more expensive than plastic ones, but we made this decision a long time ago, just a few years before the campaign.
\"The community\'s response is positive, she says, and the extra cost is worth their part for the planet.
\"We found out with straws that people wouldn\'t if they had to ask.
I mean, we don\'t use them at home. \" The Food Co-
Op Shop and Cafe, located at Australian National University, offer customers the opportunity to purchase weekly groceries, knowing that plastic is not used at any stage of the process.
\"We are the oldest partners.
In Australia, we started in our 70 s.
Said manager Anna Kaver.
Stores specializing in local and sustainable dry goods-
Purchase fresh produce and environmental products
The packaged goods are friendly.
The customer is ready to scoop out everything from rice to chickpeas from the farm bucket with a container at home, Mr. Kaver said. MS.
\"People bring in their own jars, bathtubs and things that can be reused,\" she said . \".
\"If people forget to bring their own, we also have recycled paper bags to buy, and there is a shelf in front that is filled with cans and things that can be used and returned at will. \"The co-
The Op also recently stopped using compostable coffee cups in their cafes, instead storing donated mugs that customers can carry with them and coming back the next time they visit.
They were not opposed by customers.
\"A lot of people came in because they were worried about waste.
In order to reduce our impact on the environment, everyone tries every means.
\"Something like a plastic container is a way they can easily do it.
\"Similarly, the Frank family in Ford stopped the single sale of coffee.
Take-out cups were used in 2017.
Mark Ramsey, manager, said the change was actually good for business.
We are lucky.
Many people who often drink takeout coffee either live in a school across the road or in a swimming school across the road, so it\'s easy for them to train themselves to bring their coffee cups.
\"Once we explain the environmental reasons, it\'s also easy for them to make choices.
\"Some shops across Canberra have also accepted the plastic bag ban, and while it is difficult to obtain accurate data, the non-dreamy plastic report found that the bill used 2017/18 tons of plastic bags in 953.
20 tons less than 2010/11.
With the introduction of the bill, the government of the bill, together with South Australia, considered banning all singleuse plastics.
ACT City Services Minister Chris Steele said more work needs to be done to reduce the amount of plastic in landfill sites.
\"Plastic bags make up less than the garbage that goes into the landfill in the act,\" Steele said earlier this week . \".
\"We think bans are a great way to do that, but we certainly want to hear from businesses and communities about how we can best do that.
But the Liberals say they are unlikely to support the ban, they say
The method of brushing is \"not feasible \".
\"It seems not feasible for me at the moment.
\"Ms. Legg of Little Oink welcomed the proposal, but said more needs to be done to help businesses achieve green development.
She also said manufacturers should be urged to consider using other materials, noting that biodegradable straws, cups and containers are usually packed in plastic.
\"I just hope, especially for businesses, that, like everything the government does, given the practicality, cost and pain of implementing it, she said. Topics:states-and-
Territory for sustainable development
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