australian cafe praised for environmentally-friendly cup exchange

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-29
A Western Australian cafe is well received online for its environmental Cup
Exchange plan.
Emu Point Cafe in Albany, south of the state, became one of the first places in Western Australia to accept this clever plan.
Interview with the newscom.
Kate Marwick, the owner of Emu Point Cafe, said the purpose of the coffee shop\'s implementation of the plan is to hope for a brighter and cleaner future \".
Read more: according to the US military, the best time to drink coffee during the day \"we have been focusing on doing business in an ecological environment
We have recently started a Cup exchange program, \"MS Mawick said.
The coffee cup is the second largest processing item in Australia, with 2.
Throw 6 billion paper cups into the garbage every year.
As the country embraces ecology, the numbers that Marwick MS hope for will decrease.
Innovative like mug walls and keeping cups friendly.
According to data from the packaging Forum 2018, in New Zealand, we throw out 0. 295 billion takeout coffee cups every year. Each single-
The use of coffee cups dumped in landfill sites takes about 50 years to break down, thanks to the plastic lining inside the cup.
\"Some customers have also come up with the idea and have come up with the top 10 cups for donations, so the idea of exchanging our small cups is starting to grow.
\"We first call it \'Swing ang takeout cups, \'hoping they will be returned, but that\'s not necessarily the case,\" she said . \".
MS Marwick says the Albany community has accepted the project.
Where did the customer take a cup and bring it back the next visit --
Emu Point is encouraging other local cafe owners to implement similar plans.
\"Our community is very easy to accept, donated a lot of cups and cups, took a lot of cups, and also some cups and cups.
At first, we went from the local op-
But donations to unwanted cups are flowing in now, \"said Marwick MS.
\"We have no single ban.
Use the cups of our venue because we believe in the freedom to choose, and it is a great choice if you happen to forget your reusable cups.
\"Earlier this week, news of the cafe project went viral after teen witch Sabrina\'s star Melissa Joan Hart shared photos of their exchange project.
\"Well, calm down the farm!
@ Melissajoanhart reprinted this picture of our \'Swing ang mug Lay\', \"Emu Point wrote.
Hart shared a photo of the cafe on Instagram and wrote, \"I love this idea of reducing singles --
Waste plastic!
Let\'s stop sucking . . . . . . On the straw, stay away from the non-reusable plastic.
Start with the straw of July and see if you can develop a new habit of sticking to it. \".
\"We hope this simple environmental movement will be adopted in Australia and around the world,\" Marwick said . \" MS.
In order for Australians to give up take-out coffee cups in exchange for more ecology
Friendly choice, thousands of cafes now offer discounts for people who bring their own mugs.
Many other cafes are slowly embracing the swing ang Cup project.
Anna Warren, a local government communications official from Sydney, also called for a one-time coffee cup to be labeled with a similar warning that we found on a cigarette box.
MS Warren told the newscom.
Few people know that coffee cups are unrecyclable, and she is trying to break that \"deep-rooted, insidious\" habit of grabbing a flat white cup and then throwing away the drained paper cups.
Graphic warnings would remind drinkers that their morning latte containers are unsustainable and prompt them to switch to refillable plastic cups, she said.
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