100-cup challenge successfully reveals the odds of getting suckers to buy 100 cups of coffee

by:Kindeal Paper     2020-03-22
With the annual national excitement and the dream of a consumer frenzy, Tim Houghton\'s \"roll up Rim to Win\" campaign is on stage again, with millions of people across the country hoping to win, A series of youtube users buy 100 rolled-up side paper cups each, exploring the possibility of persuading a group of gullible people to buy 100 cups of coffee.
\"Really smart people don\'t even have coffee.
They only bought 100 empty cups, \"said Sean mililio, an employee of Tim Holden since 2012.
\"When I say \'smart\', I mean, in the quotation marks, please use the quotation marks.
They don\'t even have coffee.
What are they likely to win if they win? Coffee.
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\"Well, maybe I think they just bought 100 paper cups and after movie a 7 they just throw it in the trashminute video.
If this concept is put forward, it will be my answer to it.
\"It\'s really interesting, and I think it\'s an interesting way to test the odds of winning;
It\'s a bit fun, too, \"says fun Jerry, a YouTube sensation.
\"I personally really look forward to proving that people don\'t think the chances of winning anything are that big except coffee.
The more cups I buy, the more interesting (and funner)
That\'s what happens when I don\'t win.
I bought 100 cups to do this.
I spent hundreds of dollars.
\"Basically, I just like to have fun,\" he concluded . \".
When asked what they think about the experiment, a spokesman for Tim Holden laughed for a long time before saying \"yes. Go ahead.
I mean . . . . . . \"
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