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What are the common printing processes for disposable paper cup printing

What are the common printing processes for disposable paper cup printing

1. Paper cup printing
  1, PE coating: that is, the base paper (white paper) is coated with PE film with a laminating machine, and the paper on one side of the coating is called single-sided PE coated paper;
Coated on both sides is called double-sided PE coated paper. PLA coated paper cup: the raw wood pulp (white paper) is coated with PLA film and white cardboard with a laminating machine. The paper on the coated side is called single-sided PLA coated paper;
Coated on both sides are called double-layer PLA paper cups.
  2. Slitting: Use a slitting machine to cut the coated paper into rectangular pieces of paper (for the wall of the paper cup) and roll paper (for the bottom of the paper cup).
   3. Printing: Use a letterpress printing machine
Print various patterns on rectangular paper. Of course, the premise is that customers need to provide the correct design documents. Many customers do not understand the design of paper cups, and the results are often distorted. It is recommended to find professional personnel to design.
  4. Die-cutting: Use a flat creasing and cutting machine (commonly known as a die-cutting machine) to cut the printed paper into fan-shaped pieces for paper cups.
   5. Forming: Only the operator needs to put the fan-shaped paper cup slices and the cup bottom roll paper into the feeding port of the paper cup forming machine.
The paper cup forming machine can automatically form paper cups of various specifications as you need by automatically feeding paper, sealing, and punching the bottom. One person can easily operate the whole process.
  6. ​​Packing: Seal the finished paper cup with a plastic bag and pack it into a carton.
2. PE and PLA paper cup printing process
   There are three types of offset printing, letterpress printing and gravure printing.
Different printing methods have different requirements for the ink absorption performance of the paper. The adhesion of the pigment particles in the ink to the paper depends on the capillary action of the paper, which absorbs part of the binder in the ink into the paper, which helps the paper to have strong absorption. The size directly affects the strong penetration of ink on paper and the condition of conjunctiva. Each printing paper must have the absorption properties suitable for the printing method and printing conditions to ensure a full, clear and firm print.
3, advertising paper cup printing
   The printing process of PE and PLA paper cups: For advertising paper cup printing plants, paper cup printing is not as simple as printing brochures and flyers. The production process of cold drink paper cups includes direct printing of paper cup base paper, die cutting, processing, and surface spraying with food wax. The production process of the hot drink cup is from the base paper of the paper cup through the PE film into the paper cup paper, printing, die cutting, processing and forming. This is a problem that the advertising paper cup printing plant must confirm with the customer before it is printed and produced.
  Secondly, after receiving the order, the advertising paper cup printing plant must also check the quality of the paper cup base paper, which is directly related to the reputation of the advertising paper cup printing plant and the durability and quality of the paper cup. Generally, the main component of paper cup base paper is plant fiber. According to the processing performance and use performance of the paper cup, the paper cup base paper must have the following characteristics. The surface of the paper is delicate. When the paper cup is printed, it is required to control the roughness value of the printing surface of the base paper or the surface to be printed after PE coating, so as to meet the printing requirements of the paper cup surface.
Finally, it is highly safe. Paper cups are food packaging materials that directly contact the population. They must meet hygienic standards in terms of hygiene. Paper cup paper and paper cup paper should be sent to the local national health and epidemic prevention system for hygiene safety inspections on a regular basis to ensure user use safety. In addition, advertising paper cup printing plants must pay attention to the water resistance of paper cups and require that the printed paper cups have no water seepage or water leakage. For aesthetic reasons, advertising paper cup printing plants should also pay attention to the whiteness of the paper cups. Without the use of fluorescent agents, the base paper should have a considerable paper whiteness to ensure the clear and vivid printing patterns.

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